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Om Parkash,1976
Mr.Om Parkash is born in a small town Apra on 28th August,1958 and now is a very well known artist of his state.He started painting in the very little age by filling colours into his drawing book. This made his interest in Colours and this was his first step towards the world of Colours.His first painting was our National Flag (Indian Flag) which he made in 3rd Standard. He made his first sketch of his math teacher when he was solving sums on the board. It was too real and was appreciated by all teachers. While he was in eighth standard he had made approximately eight paintings out of which he still has three-four paintings. Even today this all surprises him that how he made all those paintings with same sized brush (10)? Then he was given the responsibility to draw a map of the school.He did that very well and Chairman Mr.Badrinath gave him an award of honor. This was just a start, then he kept on learning and implementing his views.He work in many categories like love,nature,culture,devotion,Mercy and Soldiers. His collection on 'Kargil' was became very famous.His views and thinkings are very high. Since, his childhood he loved colours and had been appreciated by most of his teachers, family and friends. He belongs to a very poor family and has done a lot of struggle to reach at this stage. Today, he is famous all over for his wonderful artwork. He has won many awards and certificates.His first exhibition was organized at Prof. Mohan Singh Mela(fair) in October,1999 at Ludhiana,where he presented his collection of 21 yrs (Before this he used to participate in exhibitions of some other artists). The response from the people was beyond his imaginations. He was really surprised to see the crowd. Everybody appreciated him.This gave him a great inspiration. His recent Exhibition was organized at Nehru Sidhant Kedra,Ludhiana on 7th August,2004.